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53-B Central Avenue
Pearl River, New York 10965
(845) 732-9292



 ¨     Cheese Crisp                $5.95
Mexican pizza. 12'"_ tortilla w/ taco sauce & cheese.
 ¨     Potato skins                  $7.75
Potato halves topped w/ cheese, bacon & scallions
 ¨      Boneless Wings                     $9.75
Boneless chicken pieces covered with our homemade sauce.
 ¨      Buffalo Shrimp                      $13.75
Large shrimp covered in our homemade sauce.
 ¨      Poppers                              $8.00
Breaded & stuffed w/ cream cheese and a jalapeno pepper's
 ¨      Guacamole & Chips                 $8.00
Fresh homemade guacamole. Served with hot chips.
 ¨      Nachos                               $9.25
Add Chicken                $12.00
Add Steak                   $13.50
Tortilla chips topped w/ cheese salsa, beans, olives, tomatoes & jalapenos.
 ¨      Quesadillas                          $6.00
Monterey jack cheese and flavored with chorizo.
 ¨      Jalapeño Cornbread                 $5.50
Homemade. Please arrow 20 minutes for bake time.
 ¨      Taco  (soft or hard taco)  (Single)    $4.50
 or 2 for                                  $7.00
 ¨      Cheese Fries                        $4.50
Homemade fries smothered with cheese.
 ¨      Roasted jalapeños w/ cheese        $4.50

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            Served with either Fries, Baked Potato or Rice & Beans
            (except Grilled Chicken Salad/Taco Salad).
¨      Angus Burgers                      $11. 00
                                w/cheese $11.95
Mini Burgers                            $9.50
w/cheese                                $9.95
2 Grilled ¼ lb. mini burgers w/ mayo, lettuce & tomato.
¨      California Burger                    $10.50
2 ¼ lb. mini burgers w/ mayo, lettuce, tomato & onion.
¨      Chili Burger                         $10.50
2 ¼ lb. mini burgers topped w/ chili.
¨      Grilled Chicken Sandwich           $9.95
Chicken breast on a seeded bun w/ mayo lettuce & tomato.
¨      Rib-eye Steak                       $23.95
Our famous steak specially seasoned on a sizzling platter.
¨      Southwest Chicken sandwich         $11.50
Chicken breast sautéed in hickory sauce tomatoes
& scallions. On a seeded bun w/ melted cheese.
¨      Southwestern Chicken Dinner        $15.95
Grilled chicken breast in a sweet hickory sauce, tomato & scallion. Smothered w/ melted cheeses.
¨      Grilled Chicken salad                $10.95
Grilled chicken over mixed greens & veggies.
¨      Chili                                 $10.50
Chili over rice w/ sliced steak & cheese.


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¨      Portobello Mushroom Quesadilla                      $14.50
Tortilla filled w/ portobello mushrooms & cheese.
¨      Portobello Chicken Quesadilla                         $15.50
Tortilla filled w/ grilled chicken, portabello, onions & cheese.
¨      Portobello Steak Quesadilla                           $16.75
Tortilla fined w/ thinly diced steak, portabello, onions & cheese.
¨      Vegetable Quesadilla                                   $14.50
Tortilla filled w/ zucchini tomatoes, olives, scallions & cheese.
¨      Chicken Quesadilla                                     $l4.50
Tortilla filled w/chicken, tomatoes scallion & cheese .

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TAKE YOUR PICK ANY 1 for $11.00, ANY 2 for $13.95, ANY 3 for $15.50. *SERVED WITH RICE, AND BEANS

Steak Burrito                             Taco
Tortilla stuffed w/ sliced steak & cheese.       Corn tortilla shell fined w/ ground beef, lettuce, tomato & cheese.
Chicken Burrito                          Chicken Taco
Tortilla stuffed w/ roasted chicken & cheese.   Corn tortilla shell fined w/ chicken, lettuce, tomato & cheese.
Bean Burrito                             Red Enchilada
Tortilla fined w/ refried beans & cheese.        Corn tortilla stuffed w/ roasted chicken & cheese.
 Covered in a mild red sauce.
Red chili Burrito                        Green Enchilada
Tortilla stuffed w/ chili beans & cheese.        Corn tortilla stuffed w/ roasted chicken & cheese.
                                                      Covered in a mildly spicy green sauce.
Corn tortilla pined high w/ roasted chicken, beans,
lettuce, tomato, olives & cadus. Covered in cheese.
Tamale                                             Mole Enchilada
Corn husk filled w/corn masa, a ploblano        Corn tortilla stuffed w/ roasted chicken& cheese.
pepper & cheese. Steamed. Served                Covered in a sweet mole sauce.
w/sour cream & green sauce.
Cheese Enchilada
Corn tortilla stuffed w/ two cheeses. Covered in red sauce.
Chicken $18.95, Steak $21.75, Shrimp $21.75, Vegetable $16.75
Served on a sizzling platter with onions, our special sauce, rice & beans & warm tortilla wraps
¨     Surf and Turf ( Steak & Shrimp)       $24.00

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