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Dear Pearl River Business Owner;

The best website for advertising your Pearl River business is here!  MyPearlRiver.Com is a new and popular website dedicated to promoting your Pearl River business and attracts more families, customers, shoppers and diners.  When you subscribe to MyPearlRiver.Com, your business will be advertised on a professionally designed website.  Newspaper ads can cost hundreds of dollars for just one day.  MyPearlRiver.Com offers 1 year of internet advertising for as little as $100.00.  Your advertising dollars go further with MyPearlRiver.Com in promoting your business, entertainment, or any other service your establishment provides.  We provide cost-effective advertising that is also a charitable donation.  MyPearlRiver.Com is a comprehensive listing of businesses and services in our community.

Your charitable donation entitles you to a year of advertising on a well publicized website.  Our multi-media campaign consisting of press releases to local newspaper, cable and radio stations,  signs, links to major search engines, and a regular community outreach program which aims to ensure increased publicity and sales/traffic.

MyPearlRiver.Com is sponsored by the Pearl River Lions Club which has been serving the local community for over 50 years by supporting local, national, and global charitable organizations.

Let us list your business on our MyPearlRiver.Com community service website with your menu, services or products, or link to your existing web site.

Thank you in advance for your generosity,



David Wallach, President
                     Pearl River Lions Club 845-300-8049


Please fill out the form below and mail it with your check payable to the Pearl River Lions Club to:

Pearl River Lions Club
134 S. Highland Ave.
Pearl River, NY 10965

Other questions or materials can be emailed to info@MyPearlRier.Com or call 845-300-8049.

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 Please make your charitable donation payable to the Pearl River Lions Club and mail with this form to the above address.

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$100.00/Yr.          Bronze Membership (One page listing of products,
                                menu, services or link to your existing site)

$150.00/Yr.          Silver  Membership (Same as above and three photos)

$250.00/Yr.          Gold Corporate Membership (Includes same as above and Corporate Logo)

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Business Contact                           Pearl River Lions Representative

By submitting this form I agree to donate the above selected amount to the Pearl River Lions and my business will be advertised as described above.

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